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High note for learners at Google HQ in London

Posted onPosted on 13th Jan
High note for learners at Google HQ in London

Two learners working with Portland College — Jess Fisher and Robert Fletcher — were welcomed, alongside Digit Music, as special guests at the TechShare Pro Conference.

Held at Google’s London office, the conference, organised by AbilityNet, promoted the impact digital technology has in changing the lives of disabled people.

Jess and ‘Fletch’ composed and performed a 10-minute piece, utilising the innovative Control One technology.

Control One works by taking a regular wheelchair controller and adapting it to enable its user to compose music.

Si Tew, creative director and founder of Control One, said: “Digit Music aims to remove restrictions from music creation and TechShare Pro 2019 has taken us one step closer.

“It has been wonderful working with Jess and Fletch over the last few months. The two wonderful musicians were also supported by an excellent care team who made the trip possible.

“It was an honour to be able to present Control One and the work that Portland College students have been involved in at such a prestigious event, with accessibility professionals from across the world.”