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Healthy option at King’s Mill

Posted onPosted on 4th Jan

In a bid to encourage healthy eating for patients, staff and visitors, a brand new fresh fruit and veg stall will be pitching up outside the main entrance of King’s Mill Hospital from Monday, 7th January.

The stall will be run by local stand operators Laiten McGuigan and Roxanne Burrows, from Monday to Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm, whod will accept both cash and card payments.

Recent research for the area has shown that in Nottinghamshire only 30% of adults and 41% of older adults are meeting the “5-a-day‟ recommendation for fruit and veg. In children aged 11 to 18, only 10% of boys and 7% of girls met the 5-a-day recommendation.

Laiten and Roxanne have been working at several hospitals over the past couple of years and after seeing how much of a success it was, they wanted to give King’s Mill Hospital the opportunity to have their produce in an accessible place.

Laiten said: “It is great that we will be providing fruit and veg to local residents and offering them a healthy alternative, we are really looking forward to meeting our new customers. We have done this at other hospitals in Nottinghamshire and it has worked really well and people have really embraced the healthy choices that we offer, so I am hoping that we can have a similar impact at King’s Mill.”

Estates and Facilities Programme Manager for the Trust, Julie Dennis added: “We are really pleased that we have managed to work together to get this project off the ground and up and running. It will be a great start to the New Year to be able to offer our patients, visitors and staff healthy, affordable and local produce, I can’t wait to visit the stall at the Trust.”