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Ghost Hunting in Creswell Crags’ ‘Witch Marks’ Cave this Halloween

Posted onPosted on 16th Oct

In February 2019, Creswell Crags made headlines worldwide with the discovery of the largest collection of ‘Witch Marks’ in the UK in one of the limestone caves.

Thought to protect against evil spirits, the reason there are so many marks in one cave, engraved over several centuries, remains a mystery. Did local people think evil lurked in the cave, and try to keep it inside? Did they think the cave was an entrance to the underworld? Or were they protecting something inside the cave?

This Halloween will see whether a paranormal investigation will shed any light onto the mystery – or maybe raise even more questions.

To be held at sunset on Halloween and All Souls Day (31st October and 1st November), when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is supposedly at its thinnest, the investigation will utliise both old and new techniques, including technology, to attempt to contact the spirit world.

Argyle Ghost Guides, who have been involved in investigations nationwide, will lead the event and are happy for ticket holders to be hands on, such as learning how to douse with pendulums.

A real investigation into the paranormal, a spokesman said there will be no made up ghost stories at this event. Visitors have often noted possible supernatural experiences at the Crags, from strange feelings and sounds, to seeing mysterious figures.

A previous private visit by members of Argyle Ghost Guides led to photographs featuring apparent ‘orbs’, which are interpreted as evidence of spirit activity. Argyle Ghost Guides use RAPP (Real Analysis of Paranormal Photography) software to examine their images, a custom-made programme two years in the making.

“Historical evidence shows a small village at one end of our gorge, close to where Creswell is today,” said Paul Baker, Director of Creswell Crags. “From there it’s only a short distance to the cave full of Witch Marks, which were made over several hundreds of years. We are very curious what these people were so superstitious about, and why Robin Hood Cave was such a focus of their concerns.

“It seems appropriate to host a paranormal investigation in a cave so long associated with spirits and superstitions. We hope it will be some spooky fun for Halloween too.”

Paranormal investigations will begin at 7pm on 31st October and 1st November. Booking is required and ticket numbers are limited. Over 18s only.

Tickets are £20 per person and can be booked via Eventbrite here: