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About DLS Safeguarding and Wellbeing Solutions How well equipped are you to support your employees wellbeing?  Your most valuable resource has to be your people.  Neglect them and your company will not flourish to its true potential. We are a local company , proud to offer bespoke safeguarding, Mental Health First Aid and wellbeing, training and consultancy. With Covid-19, the need to take wellbeing more seriously is, perhaps now more important than ever.  Employees, particularly those that are front facing, may be dealing with the cumulative impact of supporting extremely vulnerable clients.  This can, over time, become problematic and impact on your employees wellbeing and ability to cope.  They may begin to feel and become, overwhelmed.  As a manager or supervisor, how confident are you at being able to recognise these difficulties and offer the appropriate support? We design training and consultancy to reflect your unique business requirements.  We follow adult learning principles and pride ourselves on designing training that is inclusive, creative, fun and effective.  Testimonials are available to support what others think about the training and consultancy we have previously designed and delivered. Our company was founded in 2011, but we have 35 years` experience of working in education, Learning and Development, the criminal justice system and Health and Social Care.  We affiliate with companies such as Kidscape, Barnardos and the NSPCC. Companies that may particularly benefit from  working with us would include: children and elderly persons residential units, nurseries, schools, credit unions, GP surgeries, firms of accountants and solicitors, hotels and construction companies.  All employees within these particular sectors need to be especially mindful of their wellbeing. Allow us to work with you to decide the most effective way of ensuring wellbeing becomes and continues, as a critical part of your company ethos. We are delighted to offer a no obligation discussion around your company`s needs and how, together, we can work on wellbeing!!
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