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Hotpod Yoga Mansfield opening new studio

Posted onPosted on 24th May

Hotpod Yoga Mansfield is opening a new studio at the former Making It! centre on Littleworth on 2nd and 3rd June.

Steph Smallwood, who launched the business five months ago, said it had both physical and mental health benefits.

Hotpod Yoga is undertaken in an inflatable, cocoon-like, 20-person space, heated to 37 Steph said: “It is designed to transport Hotpod Yoga-goers into an otherworldly setting.

“The pod’s purpose is to super-charge the yoga experience through its unique and perpetually perfect interior (dim, purple lighting, beautifully scented with urban-chill tunes), which heightens efficacy, mellows ambience and guarantees a consistently immersive environment.”

Hotpod Yoga Mansfield has already worked with Mansfield Museum; Arena Community Church, Mansfield; Mansfield District Council; and Meden School, Warsop.

Hotpod Yoga is said to be Europe’s largest yoga company and has bases in South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Portugal and all around the UK.