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A guide to bingo in the Mansfield area

Posted onPosted on 25th Nov

Over the past couple of years, there has been somewhat of a renaissance for bingo. Figures from PRS Newswire suggest that live bingo venues pulled in over £635 million between April 2019-May 2020. However, added to that, there has been a further influx of new players coming to the historic game via online play, who have boosted the industry’s coffers by a further £274 million, proving the game is as popular as ever.

Few could have predicted that bingo would experience a surge in interest as it’s certainly not the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to modern-day gaming. But, analysts predict the recent rise in popularity is to continue on a similar path due to the sheer number of players playing from home. From games available on Facebook to people hosting their games via Zoom, the free versions of the game have certainly made people more aware of the prospect of playing for money too. It’s said that over 3.5 million now play the game online.

However, its current technologically-driven game is almost unrecognisable from the one that originated in Italy during the 1500s, before heading around parts of Europe and eventually to our shores. In an article on the history of the game, Foxy Bingo discusses how it arrived here in the 1800s but didn’t really thrive until two centuries later.

Following the First World War, bingo was primarily just played for fun or as a means of fundraising, so it wasn’t until the 1960s and the legalisation of play, where the game really took off in Britain. It was said that 14 million people had signed up for club memberships, all hoping to get their hands on some big prizes and enjoy the social element of the game. However, with the larger jackpots offered by the National Lottery in the 1990s and other interests rising to prominence, the game’s popularity began to dwindle.

But whilst some walked away during that time, for others like Lillian Meredith the game has continued to be an important part of her life. Since the late 90’s upon the opening of the Apollo Bingo Hall just off Nottingham Road, Lilian has been a regular visitor, playing twice a week. It’s just one of a handful of bingo halls that still form the fabric of many local communities across Mansfield and Nottinghamshire.

Now with that aforementioned influx of interest from players online, and the easing of restrictions, it’s led to more players entering the doors of the bingo halls yet again. If you’ve recently been bit by the bingo bug but don’t know where to go, take a look at our list of some of the places where you can head to stake your claim for a full house.

Apollo Bingo, Mansfield Leisure Park, 184 Nottingham Road, Mansfield, NG18 1BU

There is ample parking at the hall which is open seven days a week in Mansfield, where players can play for as little as £6 for an evening session. However, the entertainment doesn’t stop with bingo, as the hall is to soon be the venue for a night of retro pop music too as the boy band, Five, will be performing some of their greatest hits of the ’90s just ahead of Christmas.

Palais Bingo Club, Newcastle Av, Worksop, SE80 1EY

A short hop up the A60 is all it takes to partake in a game in Worksop. Parlais Bingo is in the heart of the town centre and is open seven evenings a week, but only opens for play on a Saturday afternoon if you’re looking for an earlier bingo session.

Buzz Bingo, Gala Way, Nottingham NG5 9RU

If you live closer to the south of the region then you may be better served to pop to Buzz Bingo which is just outside the city centre of Nottingham. There are breakfast sessions which start from 10.30am, right through to the twilight games which start at 10.30pm before the doors close at midnight.