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3D magic takes Mansfield Palace Theatre’s Jack And The Beanstalk to new dimension

Posted onPosted on 9th Dec

Every Christmas pantomime should be a magical experience for young and old – and Mansfield Palace Theatre’s offering for 2017 most definitely has the wow factor!

3D special effects, being used for the first time at the theatre in Jack And The Beanstalk, added a new dimension to the Palace’s always-captivating festive treat.

Theatregoers don’t have to wear their special glasses until the second half of the panto… but it is well worth the wait.

The 3D effects bring the giant’s castle to life – and then the graveyard as our heroes make their escape.

Look out for flying insects, the giant’s large mace, larger-than-life ghouls and so much more.

And there is an unexpected surprise for the audience along the way too.

The 3D glasses mean the traditional ghost scene is portrayed in a totally different way. The “it’s behind you” calls no longer apply because the ghosts are everywhere… but don’t worry as there are plenty of other opportunities to shout out those famous words.

The children loved the 3D effects – cue plenty of screaming and oohs and aahs.

The panto has the traditional mix of song, dance, slapstick humour and good old-fashioned sing-alongs – all with a modern twist – right from the first minute when most of the cast and the storyline is introduced.

Once again the glue holding the panto together is comedian Adam Moss, playing his third panto season at the Palace a year after proposing on stage to his girlfriend. His quickfire jokes and ability to get the audience participating, singing and dancing along, is a real highlight.

Moss’s Simple Simon character bounces off his mother, the excellent Craig Ansell as Dame Trott – complete with painted faces and outrageous costumes – and Michael Chance as the King.

There are plenty of topical jokes – Brexit, Donald Trump, Bake Off and Strictly to name a few – aimed at both adults and children.

This year the Palace has broken with panto tradition and the principal boy role (Jack), traditionally played by a female, is taken on by Bradley Judge, who wins the heart and hand in marriage of Princess Jill (Clare Maynard).

There is no break with tradition as magic beans – given to the Trott family for the sale of their old cow, Daisy – spring to life and create the beanstalk that Jack climbs to tackle the giant.

A new twist, though, is that the audience gets to see the beanstalk spring to life and grow.

And, for once, the panto baddie has a great sense of humour.

Australian actor and comedian Mark Little revelled in his role as the giant’s sidekick, Fleshcreep. As well as provoking the usual boos and hisses, he added a comedic touch to one song in particular as he raced around behind a screen half out of sight of the audience.

Mark is best known for his role in television soap Neighbours and, of course, at one stage his very British portrayal of the baddie switches to an Australian farmer.

It all made for a great panto that flew by… and it was that good that I have booked to return again next week to see the show again.

There are still tickets available as Jack And The Beanstalk continues its runs until January 7. To buy a ticket, call in at the Box Office at the theatre, call 01623 633133 or go to